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Max. € 5.000
Deadline: jaarlijks rond 15 mei
Wat ga je doen?
Hbo of universitair
Duur van studie


  • You must have applied (or will apply) to a university or graduate school within Europe.
  • You must have applied (or will apply) for a master's-level degree starting Fall 2023.
  • The degree program must be studied either within Europe or online via distance learning from a European institute
  • You must meet the entry requirements for the university or graduate school, including:
    • Hold a valid undergraduate (bachelor's) degree
    • Meet language requirements for the program
  • You must hold or be eligible to apply for a relevant study visa (if applicable)
  • You must be studying abroad in a country that you are not a citizen of or currently reside in (unless currently studying abroad).


Max. € 5.000 to help cover your tuition fees and get you one step closer to your next great adventure.


  • The application consists of filling out a short form and submitting a short essay (400-500 words) on the question "Why did you choose your study abroad country, and how will it help you grow as a globally-minded leader?"
  • Please note, applications must be submitted in English. Applications in other languages will not be considered.
  • Applications including a CV, academic records, certifications, or documents other than the application essay will not be evaluated.
  • Deadline for applications for the next scholarship round for Fall 2023 is 15 May 2023.
  • Go to the website for more information on how to apply