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Deadline: 31 maart 2024
Wat ga je doen?
Hbo of universitair
2- 4 jaar


Applicants must:

  • be a Dutch national with a secondary school graduation diploma or a post-secondary degree(s);
  • have and an excellent academic record;
  • be of good moral character.

Not eligible are:

  • R.O.C. (Taiwan) nationals, overseas Chinese students, or holders of the Alien Permanent Resident Certificate of R.O.C (Taiwan).
  • Persons who already have and are continuing to maintain student status at any university/college in Taiwan or who have already registered to begin studies at such a university/college. This restriction does not apply to students who will be graduating after completing a degree that year. They may apply for a Taiwan Scholarship to pursue a higher degree.
  • Persons who have already studied in Taiwan for a degree at the same level as the one in which they currently intend to enroll.
  • Exchange students or dual/joint degree students who have been admitted to a university/college in Taiwan in accordance with an academic cooperation agreement between that university/college and an overseas university/college.
  • Persons who have already been Taiwan Scholarship recipients for a total of 5 years.
  • Persons who have ever previously had their Taiwan Scholarship or MOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship revoked.
  • Persons who have received any other scholarship or subsidy from any Taiwan Government institution (organization) or any education institution in Taiwan, apart from any subsidies provided for a Taiwan Scholarship recipient by their university/college to cover the outstanding amount if the total amount of their tuition and other fees exceeds the scholarship limit.


The scholarship covers:

  • Tuition and miscellaneous expenses such as course-credit fees, and miscellaneous basic study-related fees up to max. NT$ 40,000 each semester for each recipient’s approved tuition and miscellaneous expenses. The following fees are the responsibility of the scholarship recipient: administration fees, thesis supervision fees, insurance premiums, accommodation, or internet access.
  • A monthly stipend of NT$ 15,000 for recipients undertaking undergraduate studies ; a monthly stipend of NT$ 20,000 for recipients undertaking a master’s degree or doctorate studies.


Visit the website of the Taipei Representative Office in the Netherlands for more information, the application form and the list of other required documents.

Send your scholarship application by post to the Taipei Representative Office in The Netherlands (Taiwan Scholarship) before 31 March 2024.

Taipei Representative Office in The Netherlands (Taiwan Scholarship)
Van Stolkweg 23, 2585 JM, The Hague
Tel: +31 (0)70 250 3000 Ext. 117
E-mail: nld.cwyang@mofa.gov.tw

Note: applicants must also apply directly to the university/college for admission within the application deadline. Each university/college sets its own application deadline.